Eggs’n’Coco – Breakfast Smoothie

This is a simple, quick recipe for a nutritious breakfast smoothie that’s sure to fuel you up for the morning! 

We just bought a Vitamix pro series 750 blender so I’m liquefying everything around me these days, it’s way too much fun! 😊

 This recipe came out of a want to eat eggs for breakfast for my protein and fats (and not use protein powder or a meal replacement) but I didn’t feel like cooking the eggs, not even boiling them (which is usually my healthier go to option). I just wanted it done quick without having to wait 10 min for them to boil or cook, so I looked at my vitamix and said to myself,

“Blend the eggs!”

I’m sure if I google “egg smoothies” I’ll see a million recipes but it was a revolutionary thought to me, so I concocted this recipe using  raw eggs and other tasty ingredients in my kitchen and the results are A+

Eggs’n’Coco – Breakfast Smoothie

  • 2 Organic free range brown eggs 
  • 3 cups organic raw milk 
  • 1 organic banana 
  • 1 tbsp organic unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp organic almond butter 
  • 1 tsp organic bourbon vanilla 
  • 1 tbsp organic cacao powder
  • 1 tsp organic cacao nibs


Add milk to vitamix, then add eggs, coconut oil almond butter, vanilla, cacao powder and nibs, adding the banana last.  Blend starting at position 1 and slowly moving up to 10 (5 seconds time), holding at 10 for 15 seconds. 

Drink immediately. 

You don’t want to blend for too long because the vitamix powerful 2 horsepower motor can heat things up, and you don’t want to cook any of your raw ingredients and lose their optimal benefits. 

Yes, this recipe calls for using and drinking raw eggs. You should only do this if you feel comfortable with raw food, and raw eggs. I grew up in Romania on a farm so not many things make me squirm, eggs were super fresh (we had chickens) and I’ve eaten my fair share of odd dishes (cold head cheese anyone?) I recall my dad telling me how his uncle taught him to drink the eggs raw, because he said it was the best way to eat the eggs and assimilate all the nutrients. He taught my dad to poke a hole in the egg bottom using a tiny sewing needle and then slowly suck the egg out. I guess that keeps kids from being grossed out by the look or texture of the raw egg? 

 This receipe is definitely not as colorful as that one, but it’s way tastier and I think you’ll love it just a little more! It’s tastes like a delicious meal replacement smoothie without the heaviness of it, it goes down smooth and the vitamix pulverizes any texture the eggs and cacao nibs might once have had so it’s all homogenous in texture and delicious. You get your healthy protein and fats in perfect ratio from the eggs plus the added good fats from coconut oil and almond butter will give you extra energy. Cacao will give your body a healthy tiny amount of caffeine boost too 😉 

Additional Ingredients 

  • 1 cup Cold coffee
  • 1/4 tsp Cinnamon power
  • 1 tsp Acai berries
  • 4 Dates
  • 1 tbsp Maca powder

I have no doubt adding these ingredients will taste great and come in handy if you want to increase the serving size of your eggs’n’coco smoothie or want to add an extra boost of mineral and vitamin rich sweetness or a touch more caffeine kick. After all it is a breakfast smoothie. And what’s breakfast without a cup of coffee? 


To your health, 

The Natural Ways


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