Travelling & Healthy – My Makeup Bag Basics 

One thing that has really helped with lots of travel and work has been having a consistent high quality skin regimen and beauty products. I’ve been in 4 different cities in 3 different states and on another continent. Needless to say life has gotten busy! One thing that can fall apart real easily is our diet, skin routine, workout, and time with God. These are all important topics and each have a unique solution for the weary traveller always on the go, I’m just going to focus on my skin routine for this blog post, and maybe I’ll do the others at a later date 😉 stay tuned! 

Over the last few years I’ve been slowly replacing all my makeup and skin care creams with healthy organic ones. It’s been a slow process because new products, especially healthy ones, cost more money, so I can’t throw everything out at once, but I can add a new product every month! Over the last year almost everything has been replaced, and my skin feels amazing! 

Why do I want better skin care products? Maybe your skin never breaks out from cover girl makeup or mac, but have you ever read those ingredients?! That’s not anything I want to put on my skin because like God word says in the bible:

 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6:19 

We need to take care of the temple we have been given, and that means inside and out! After all, your skin is living and your pores are open so the makeup and products you put on your skin actually end up in your skin. It’s skin food. So if you’re already making the switch to eating organic, you should be feeding your skin organic too 😉 

Ok, so what’s in my makeup bag?! Voila!! 

The Naked Bee daily facial moisturizer with spf 30 – lightweight, mostly organic, and smells fantastic. Plus it gives my skin sun protection and yes, I’m at that age where I care about sun protection. I don’t want that crazy skin cancer!! Have you seen the videos on sun damage with that special photo filter?! No thanks! Pass the sunscreen 🙂 

ECO certified organic Rose Hip oil and Medy-Skin facelift beauty oil – I alternate using both of these, mostly to replenish moisture at night since they are a little too rich for daily wear. All the ingredients are various oils like apricot and grape and jojoba and coconut and other amazingness that I can easily recognize. Tip: If you don’t know what it means and/or you can’t pronounce it then don’t buy it!! No weird stuff here! 

Sequoia Beauty cleanser – this is a wild crafted herbal amazing concoction and my skin loves it. These potions are made in small batches by hand, the company is known as Laurel Skin now. My mom told me a secret regarding cleansers that I’ll share with you, shh!! Use a small 100% cotton cloth and dip it in hot water, press it on your skin all around the face and THEN use the cleanser by pouring some on the cloth and massaging it onto your face, then rinse the cloth with hot water and gently wipe your face with it. This hot water method opens up the pores and helps clean thoroughly from dirt trapped inside. That’s why it’s important to use a 100% natural and organic cleanser because that will make it into your skin and become skin food and you don’t want your skin food to be junk! Your skin will show it! So make sure you choose wisely, all the Sequoia products (Laurel products) are fantastic! I met the owner personally at a San Francisco Renegade show and fully support their natural process!

Gabriel moisturizing liquid foundation – one of the healthiest and easiest to find (whole foods anyone?) just check their rating out on EWG and compare that with everything else’s there at the store, they will most likely come out the winner. I’m sure there’s even better foundations out there at more niche stores but I haven’t found them yet. This one is worth the investment and it’s close to you so you can make the change! My skin never breaks out because of it, I put it on with a big brush so it’s lightly on my face and not too heavy.
Tarte concealer- this one you can get at Sephora, it’s very good, all natural as well as cruelty free, and it’s the best color that I’ve found for my olive tinted skin. It’s creamy and has a tesency to go on thick, so a light dab works well and it spreads easy. A tube goes a long way! Worth the investment 🙂 

DaLish mascara and liquid eyeliner duo – DaLish is cruelty free and all natural made in Canada and I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie, the creator, at the One Of A Kind Expo show in Toronto. Her products are great, and the two in one hits the spot because why carry two products when you can have them both in one? That’s space saving, and when you’re traveling space saving is key!! 

Dalish highlighting wand – for when you feel dull after a lack of sleep or after too much dry weather, because you’ve been traveling too much and the weather changes too quickly or simply because after 10 hours on a plane your skin has dried due to the constant stream of AC flowing in the main cabin, well just a dab on your cheeks and upper brow line, and glow baby, glow. 

Dalish lip and cheek tint – it’s my color and again, two in one!! 

Dalish deodorant – ok, this is BY FAR the BEST DEODORANT I have ever owned in my life, it’s better then toms. Yes, it is. It smells like lemongrass and has baking soda in it and lavender. It has a wonderful texture, a little thicker then normal deodorants, but not creamy thick, it’s almost velvety. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it except to say it’s LONG LASTING, smells divine, and very dense. One bar has lasted me 6 months and going already and I use it daily! 

Gabriel Lip liner- this I use lightly to feather in my lips when I want a hint of color but not a mouthful 😉

Gabriel blush – the nicest color and healthiest blush combination I’ve found for my skin, most powder blushes are really thick and full of chemicals and cause cheek breakouts, that never happens here! The color is powerful so you only need a few quick strokes! This little jar has lasted me over a year and a half, worth the investment!

Emani lipstick – gluten free, vegan, cruelty free and organic!!! No brainer! For when I’m going out at night and want to feel like a sexy lady 😉 creamy, smells delicious and you can eat it because it’s that natural! 

Blum naturals organic facial wipes with grape seed extract – the minute I get home I use one wipe and it’s so large and moisturizer that it cleans all the makeup off and my neck too! This is handy if I’m feeling tired and or lazy and I don’t want to do the hot water trick I told you about earlier. And when you travel a lot, you get tired eeeeeasily. 

Sweet anthem handmade perfumes – cruelty free and vegan friendly!! It’s a rich roll on oil and has lasted 6 months in my travel bag. It smells intoxicatingly sweet and refreshing. Handmade in San Francisco, I found the owner at another Renegade Craft Fair. Always choose the oil roll on, they last longer then the spray which gets diluted with alcohol, plus the alcohol changes the original scent, and dries out your skin, so it’s just a bad choice all around. The oil is direct and saturated with a full scent 🙂 
I hope this has been an interesting ride through my makeup bag and has made you consider switching your old makeup and skin care creams for healthy organic options. That’s one important step towards being healthy in and out! After all, your skin is THE LARGEST ORGAN! Think about it, what are you feeding your skin?
To your health, 

Irina 🙂 


Welcome to The Natural Ways!

Hi! My name is Irina and I am so happy to be sharing what has changed my life with you!

Let’s get right into it – years ago when I was a teenager I had no idea what my body was supposed to be eating, or what it needed so that it could ‘run’ properly.

I realized I knew more about what a car needed to run on than what my body did!!

That made me feel frustrated and sad. How had I gone through years of school without really learning some really basic and fundamental things like healthy eating? The food pyramid was not enough. I wanted to know more. I wanted to buy the right things that my body needed, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on all the wrong things.

My health had always been pretty good, but when I went off to University, I started eating poorly, not getting any exercise and very little sleep. Frequently I was moody, tired, anemic, and developed something like irritated tonsils (where little white toxins would excrete through my tonsils, ewww… I know!), and the birth control that I was on started making me bleed daily! In short, I was in a rut. It struck me that I could keep getting sick, gaining weight and buying new clothes all the time that would fit me, or I could lose the freshmen 15, exercise and keep my health and my clothes! I know this might sound silly, but on a small budget, a new wardrobe is out of the question. So I buckled down and started researching lose weight books, calorie burning workouts, and all sorts of cookbooks to discover what I needed to do that would keep me healthy and happy, for the long run.

Around the same time, this was probably 2004-2005, movies like The Corporation started coming out, exposing the food industry and all it’s evils. As much as I appreciated movies like that, I was a little upset that they didn’t offer any solutions!! They pointed out a lot of problems, but gave us no hope and no ideas about what we could be doing to right these wrongs in our society. That sparked a never ending conversation and passion about health that continues to this day.

I realized that the bottom line is this: Use your pennies wisely. Invest in the things that are going to suport you. Don’t invest in things that are going to work against you, like genetically modified foods, synthetic preservatives, hydrogenated oils, bad sugars, frozen dinners, chemicals, hormones, and all that junk!! The way those things are produced also have a very negative impact on our environment, and our bodies.  You have to be a smart shopper, and you have to be self-informed. As an adult, I knew I had to shift my attitude from feeling upset to feeling empowered! I make my own choices after all!

Then a friend of mine shared with me a book that they had just come across that was revolutionizing the way they saw health. I briefly skimmed it and fell in love. Here was the much needed ancient wisdom about food, food preparation, soaking, fermenting, sprouting, culturing, and cooking that I was looking for! Sally Fallon’s work in Nourishing Traditions shed so much light and provided the much needed answers that I was looking for. I really connected with the bring it back to basics food model, eating as close as possible to what was naturally made on this planet, just like God intended it. Needless to say, I purchased my own copy within a week, and I was on my way to health.

Together with The Maker’s Diet, a wonderful book that I purchased years later based on what God says about food in the best selling book of all time, the Bible, I was on my way to understanding what it truly means to be healthy. I stopped feeling lethargic, getting sick and not knowing why, and I lost the weight in no time by eating small meals often, but the right kind of meals – full of natural and organic ingredients, cooked at home, and made with love!!!

What do I want to offer you? The same health that I benefit from today, the same hope I have for a healthy planet, healthy children and happy lives!

This site is going to center around nutrition, meal planning, shopping guidelines, tips for natural home cleaning products, natural body care, natural supplements, and God’s wisdom and inspiration. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it!! Join me today, Suscribe to my blog and be on the way to a healthier you!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long personal note, and I hope we can share an amazing journey back to health and our natural ways together!!

Irina D Thomason, The Natural Ways

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