Herbal remedy  – getting over a common cold

Foggy saturday. Calm, misty, foggy saturday. A perfect day for relaxing, and getting over our welcome to autumn colds.

I’m nursing us with some herbs I picked while at my grandmothers place in romania. My Energy Grandma, we’ll call her. Energy Grandma picks herbs fresh in the morning, while the dew is still on the field, it’s supposed to be the best time to pick. Something about the plants being the freshest, perhaps the sun has not had a chance to wilt them, dry them out… either way, she picks a lot of herbs. And she will make things like bitters for drinking, and bitters for rubbing when you have a fever, when you have muscle aches, when you have a cold. She’ll dry them and store them and make tinctures or tea. I didn’t know if I could get across the border with some loose leaf tea from romania but I got lucky and passed through. So I have a little bag of tea from my grandmothers fields. Two kinds of herb are inside it : Tilia cordata and Equisetum arvense. Or, Tilia and Field Horsetail.
  Tilia cordata is it’s latin name, or, Tilia in english, or in romanian : Tei.

 We pick the tip of the Tilia branches where they stem with the leaves and flowers and dry those for tea or tinctures. they have such a beautiful aromatic smell! Also called Linden flowers in english, they are valued as an anti-inflammatory in a range of respiratory problems: colds, fever, flu, sore throat, bronchitis, and cough. Sounds good right!! more on the uses of this beautiful tree flower and leaves at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilia_cordata

Equisetum arvense (lt.) Field Horsetail or in romanian : Coada Calului 

 We snap the horse ‘tails’ off mid way, so they get to be around 2 feet, easy, as a mature horse tail can reach about 4 feet maybe even 5 feet if it has access to an adequate supply of running water. They love to grow in shade areas, especially where there is a forest stream running across the land, or a nearby stream that makes the ground soggy. They grow so tall there. My grandmother taught me that if you are in a forest and you see the Horsetail, know that there is water nearby, and follow the Horsetail to it!! Pretty cool especially if you are lost and you really need some water!! Coada Calului is rich in Silicon (10%), Calcium and Potassium. More on it’s uses at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equisetum_arvense

 So I boil some water, and take the two dried plants out of the bag and place a mixed handful in my large french press. I pour the water over it and let it steep for 3 minutes. Don’t go over 4 min, it makes the plants taste bitter and it destroys the compounds inside them. I press the tea and pour into large ceramic mugs, topping off with some honey. We drink this tea enjoying the calm of foggy atmosphere and our company.


That was last night, at about 5am, when we both woke up because our colds were acting up too much. After we had our tea, and went back to bed, 4 hours later my husband felt 95% better, and my sore throat was GONE!! Such a huge relief since that was bugging me the last couple of days. And now, the fog still is here, but we feel soo much better, I just wanted to write this little note to share the wealth of natural remedies 🙂 



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