Fit Family Fun for Vacation Time

Home Made Apple Pie – Sugar-Free, Delicious, and Perfect for the Holidays!

Smoothies to Swoon For! – Recipes inspired by Costa Rica flavors

All things Golden Smoothie! – a delicious treat for a hot day!

Golden Beet Salad – Recipe and Fun Facts about Beets!

Healthy Salt, Sugar and Fats! Why we need these good things in our body, and why conventional media and pharmacies will tell you otherwise!

The Best Chicken Soup EVER – A Must Try Recipe!!

Refreshing Green Lemonade

Basic Breakfast Revamped!

THE BASICS – Fish Stock: A Marvel Of Continuous Protection Against Many Health Problems

Breakfast of Champions – 3 Quick and Easy Organic Meals to Start Your Day For Success

Power Smoothies – 4 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes

Toxin Free America – Cleaning Substitutes Pt.2

Toxin Free America – Toxic house-hold cleaners Pt.1 

Oil of Oregano – A powerhouse for the natural medicine cabinet!

Relieve morning stiffness, pain and inflammation with GINGER!!

KOMBUCHA – How to make and enjoy this cleansing tonic

How to Make Home-made Nut Butter – Using the Omega 8005 Juicer!! 

The Many Joys of COCONUT OIL – 121 Tips and Uses!!

My Favorite Juices – the top 4 and how to make them!!

The Power of  Juice Cleanse and Why You Should Do It Regularly!

Facts About Honey And Cinnamon: Medicinal and Healing Remedies for Common Ailments  


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