Hi! My name is Irina and I am so happy to be sharing what has changed my life with you!

Let’s get right into it – years ago when I was a teenager I had no idea what my body was supposed to be eating, or what it needed so that it could ‘run’ properly.

I realized I knew more about what a car needed to run on than what my body did!!

That made me feel frustrated and sad. How had I gone through years of school without really learning some really basic and fundamental things like healthy eating? The food pyramid was not enough. I wanted to know more. I wanted to buy the right things that my body needed, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on all the wrong things.

My health had always been pretty good, but when I went off to University, I started eating poorly, not getting any exercise and very little sleep. Frequently I was moody, tired, anemic, and developed something like irritated tonsils (where little white toxins would excrete through my tonsils, ewww… I know!), and the birth control that I was on started making me bleed daily! In short, I was in a rut. It struck me that I could keep getting sick, gaining weight and buying new clothes all the time that would fit me, or I could lose the freshmen 15, exercise and keep my health and my clothes! I know this might sound silly, but on a small budget, a new wardrobe is out of the question. So I buckled down and started researching lose weight books, calorie burning workouts, and all sorts of cookbooks to discover what I needed to do that would keep me healthy and happy, for the long run.

Around the same time, this was probably 2004-2005, movies like The Corporation started coming out, exposing the food industry and all its evils. As much as I appreciated movies like that, I was a little upset that they didn’t offer any solutions!! They pointed out a lot of problems, but gave us no hope and no ideas about what we could be doing to right these wrongs in our society. That sparked a never-ending conversation and passion about health that continues to this day.

I realized that the bottom line is this: Use your pennies wisely. Invest in the things that are going to support you. Don’t invest in things that are going to work against you, like genetically modified foods, synthetic preservatives, hydrogenated oils, bad sugars, frozen dinners, chemicals, hormones, and all that junk!! The way those things are produced also have a very negative impact on our environment, and our bodies.  You have to be a smart shopper, and you have to be self-informed. As an adult, I knew I had to shift my attitude from feeling upset to feeling empowered! I make my own choices after all!

Then a friend of mine shared with me a book that they had just come across that was revolutionizing the way they saw health. I briefly skimmed it and fell in love. Here was the much-needed ancient wisdom about food, food preparation, soaking, fermenting, sprouting, culturing, and cooking that I was looking for! Sally Fallon’s work in Nourishing Traditions shed so much light and provided the much-needed answers that I was looking for. I really connected with the bring it back to basics food model, eating as close as possible to what was naturally made on this planet, just like God intended it. Needless to say, I purchased my own copy within a week, and I was on my way to health.

Together with The Maker’s Diet, a wonderful book that I purchased years later based on what God says about food in the best-selling book of all time, the Bible, I was on my way to understanding what it truly means to be healthy. I stopped feeling lethargic, getting sick and not knowing why, and I lost the weight in no time by eating small meals often, but the right kind of meals – full of natural and organic ingredients, cooked at home, and made with love!!!

What do I want to offer you? The same health that I benefit from today, the same hope I have for a healthy planet, healthy children and happy lives!

This site is going to center around nutrition, meal planning, shopping guidelines, tips for natural home cleaning products, natural body care, natural supplements, and God’s wisdom and inspiration. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it!! Join me today, subscribe to my blog and be on the way to a healthier you!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long personal note, and I hope we can share an amazing journey back to health and our natural ways together!!

Irina D Thomason, The Natural Ways


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  1. Natalie S.
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 21:37:21

    Great site, Irina! Im an old friend of CJs and I found your site here through FB. This is a beautiful blog! I am enjoying the posts and you’ve got me thinking! Thanks! Keep it up!


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