Fit Family Fun for Vacation Time

Fit Family Fun for Vacation Time


I was contacted by a lovely mother who wanted to do a joint write up about healthy ways to stay fit and have fun on vacation, and here is what we came up with! Share your favorite ways to stay fit below in the comments section!


I personally don’t have kids, yet, but there are a few tips that come to mind to stay fit and healthy on vacation:

Walking with them to places rather than driving. It helps them actually take in the scenery, absorb the differences in their new surroundings, and it creates conversation between family members, as opposed to whizzing by in a car, where their focus is short, and even shorter if they have a personal dvd player around or a smart phone. If that means even taking public transportation then so be it, it’s a fun and different experience for the kids, more like an adventure.

Food wise, I would bring lots of dried nuts and fruit (with no sugar added, no preservatives and preferably raw organic). It will keep sugar cravings at bay and actually give them something much better for their bodies and their minds in the long run.

Avoid bringing granola, which is highly processed and comes loaded with sugars. And definitely nothing chocolate dipped. Unless you are buying expensive snacks, most chocolate dipped candy bars are made of cheap denatured synthetic ingredients, likely to give the kids a massive headache and sugar rush in a few minutes.

If they crave chocolate, bring a good quality dark chocolate bar along, 80% would be ideal, and give out a piece here and there. That will save money when they crave something sugary as well. A good, dark chocolate organic bar is a whole lot healthier than a candy bar, ice cream or baked good. Explain the benefits of dark chocolate to them if they complain that it’s too bitter and get them to mix a bite of chocolate with some raisins and cranberries all at once; it’s a pretty yummy combo.


Kendra writes:

I make a point of keeping my family healthy. We eat good food, full of healthy nutrients. The kids participate in sports. We get exercise together as a family. When vacation time rolls around, our routines change, but we manage to keep healthy habits as a part of our family fun. Here are a few tips that I use to keep my family healthy on the road:

Drink Plenty of Water

Whether we’re taking a road trip, flying to our destination or enjoying fun together in the sun, I make sure my family has plenty of water to drink. Each family member has a personal water bottle. If the day’s activities involved spending time in the hot sun, I usually put the full bottles in the freezer for a while before we begin our adventure. Even if drinking more water means taking a couple extra potty breaks, it’s worth it to avoid dehydration or heat stroke.

Family Fun Runs

We like to incorporate family fitness into our vacations. Before heading to a destination, I often check to see if there is a local 5k or other running event that coincides with our visit. The entire family can participate in these events, and they are a great way to get to know people in the community where we are vacationing. Often, these events feature shorter races specifically for young children. We always have fun running together.

Eating Out

Restaurants offer all sorts of ways to be unhealthy while on vacation. However, you can make good, healthy choices when dining out. I like to reduce caloric intake by avoiding extra sauces or cheese on my entrée’s. I encourage my kids to choose healthy sides like veggies or fruit over fried foods. Drinking water instead of soda pop makes eating out healthier and less expensive.

Hotel Fitness

I always check fitness amenities before booking my family’s accommodations. By choosing a hotel with a well-equipped gym, I make sure that I can get a short workout in each morning before breakfast. The kids like to play in the water, so we also try to spend time as a family at the hotel pool. Some hotels also offer fitness or yoga classes. The workout options on vacation are different from those at home, but there are always options. This is one trick I always like to use and will be utilizing it on our upcoming trip to Orlando. With so many places to stay it can get a bit overwhelming. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to read user reviews so you can feel more comfortable about where you and your family book.

Staying healthy requires attention to details. With some advance planning, you can keep your family’s healthy routines when you travel. It will help everyone enjoy the trip more.

Kendra Thornton 

connect with Kendra via twitter @KendraThornton


Whatever you end up doing on vacation with the kids, save money by going out for food minimally and by bringing healthy snacks, and splurge on doing more activities and events. That’s where all the memories and bonding come from!


God bless you all!

Irina Thomason


 The Natural Ways

The Natural Ways


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