Healthy Salt, Sugar and Fats! Why we need these good things in our body, and why conventional media and pharmacies will tell you otherwise!

Everyone rags on salts, sugars and fats as the leading cause of health problems – but I say: Alcohol, Tobacco, mindless TV watching and Prescription Medicine are way worse!!

Salts, sugars and fats are a vital part of good health! I’m not referring to processed sugars, salts and fats here, we all know those are horrible. Bad fats, sugars and salts are found in fast foods, tv dinners, deep-fried foods, processed foods, dressings, candies, etc.. Please do not mistake these foods for good sources, or even acceptable sources of fats, salts and sugars.  Good sources come from organic, free range and grass-fed meats, dairy, eggs, organic fruits and vegetables and  raw honey, for example.

What does the opposition say? That an excess of fats, salts and sugars is bad for your health. They should say that an excess of processed foods is bad for your health.

Salts, fats and sugar in themselves are NOT bad for the body, but in fact, are VITAL.


Healthy salts make electrolytes, which help transfer information 11000 times faster in the brain. A lack of healthy salts will literally dumb you!

When a doctor recommends you change your diet to a salt free one, seriously research this before you even consider doing this. And consider changing your salt intake to healthy sources only.

Healthy Salt


What about sugar? Healthy sugar from fruits, sweet vegetables, and honey help form the acid part of your DNA, which gets passed to your kids in turn!

Fruits and Honey


Healthy fats? Fats help healthy cellular membrane formation, the synthesis of hormones in your renal glands and ovaries, the good cholesterol in good fats like avocado and organic eggs and dairy and organic meats breaks down lipids in the body. Low levels of cholesterol are associated with depression, violent behavior, suicidal tendencies, a higher risk of strokes, and lowered and weakened immune system.

Meat dairy and eggs

Whenever media throws out a blank statements like fats, sugars and salts are bad for you, I smell a giant pharmaceutical lie underneath it all. Keeping people sick makes those companies money. A lot of it.

We need to stay informed, eat good foods from good sources, and be vigilant in our quest for healthy food and healthy food choices, information and research.

Please let your friends know what you learn! You never know who it can help!!

With love, and to your health!!

Irina Thomason

 The Natural Ways

The Natural Ways


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  1. Noah Matthews
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 22:34:33

    good post


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