THE BASICS – Fish Stock: A Marvel Of Continuous Protection Against Many Health Problems

These days we rarely come across broth, or stock, or bouillon.  And rarely do we find foods cooked in it, like rice, pasta, sauces, soups.  Most commercially processed food will not be including this in their TV dinners, 5 minute rice, or canned soups. We don’t get what we need from food, and our bodies are worn down by hard to digest foods, bad air quality, chlorine and fluoride in our water and a busy work schedule that leaves little room for proper rest. We need to remedy this!!

There is a very important reason why our ancestors used stocks as a staple in their homes.  In folk wisdom chicken broth was valued as a remedy for the flu, in the 12th c. chicken broth was prescribed as a treatment for colds and asthma.  Modern research has proven that gelatin rich broth will provide continuous protection from many health problems.  It helps prevent and mitigate infectious diseases.

Let’s break this down even further, so that you can really get excited about why it’s so important to start making stocks again, and why the stock pot becomes the most important piece of equipment in your home.

Properly prepared, stocks are a powerhouse of nutrition giving us minerals from bones, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes, a form that is super easy to assimilate.  When cooked with a little apple cider vinegar or acidic wine, calcium, magnesium and potassium get drawn out into the broth.  Stocks are also rich in gelatin which is great for digestion, treating various intestinal disorders, like hyperacidity, colitis, Crohn’s, anemia, blood diseases, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, cancer, bone disorders, and even rheumatoid arthritis.  I bet if you don’t have one of these disorders, someone you know does!  So share the wealth, make some stock and start reaping these amazing healing properties!

Doesn’t that sound amazing? How many pills can say they do that?  Natural ways are always the best, and God gave us everything we needed to live long, healthy lives, right here on earth the way it was created.  Not in some lab, with GMO ingredients, sprayed with God-knows what and made from you-don’t-want-to-even-guess.  Start taking control of the food you let into your body, and start using stocks!

Today I’m going to share a recipe for fish stock with you.  A good fish stock is made from the carcases of fish including heads and skeletons, is rich in minerals especially iodine.  Also, since stock is made from fish heads and therefore the thyroid glands of fish, this supplies our bodies with a thyroid hormone and other substances that nourish our thyroid gland!!  According to some researchers over %40 of Americans suffer from a thyroid gland deficiency!  Do you have fatigue, weight gain, inability to concentrate, frequent colds and flu, and depression?  Those are clear indicators of something amiss with the thyroid. Chinese doctors THOUSANDS of years ago used this stock to rejuvenate patients, making them feel younger, increasing their energy, and often restored mental abilities.  How many of us can say that we would like to feel all those things?  I think everyone would raise their hand, I know I would!  So I’m going to be making fish broths!  I want my body to feel its best!

This is by far the cheapest and most nutritious soup you will ever make!!  A good fish monger will give you these bones and heads for free, since they would be throwing them out anyway.  I went to a grocery store and inquired about some fish heads, and I got one about 2 pounds heavy for 99 cents.  You can go to your local fish monger and ask them to save you the bones of snapper, sole, turbot, rock fish and other non-oily fish.  Don’t use salmon because during the long cooking process the oils turn rancid.  And that defeats the purpose of a healthy stock!

This soup adds flavor that is exquisite to regular dishes.  This will make all your food taste way better, and will get rid of the condiments we so heavily rely on to add taste to bland dishes, condiments that are high in preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, and other chemicals like MSG.  Stock will make rice taste delicious just on its own, pasta will taste more flavorful, sauces will become more complex in their flavor, picky eaters will quickly find themselves gulping down soups made from good fish stock as if they were immensely thirsty.  It’s worth the effort to make a good stock.

Here’s a good recipe for how to make this amazing, healing liquid gold of a broth!

fish stock


  • 3-4 whole carcasses including heads of non-oily fish
  • 2 tbsp of coconut oil or butter
  • 2 onions, coarsely chopped
  • 1 carrot, peeled and coarsely chopped
  • Several sprigs of fresh thyme and parsley.
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 whole clove
  • 1/2 cup of dry white wine, sake, or vermouth
  • 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 3 quarts of filtered water


Melt the butter in a large stainless steel stock pot, and add vegetables, cooking gently over low heat until they are soft, about 1/2 hour.

Add wine and bring to a boil. Add the fish carcasses and heads, the vinegar, and the filtered water. Bring to a boil again, carefully skimming the scum that rises to the top over a few minutes of boiling time.

Tie the herbs together or make a satchel using cheesecloth and bundling all the herbs and spices together, and tying that up with a string. Don’t use rubber bands. Add this to the pot. Reduce the heat, cover the pot and let it simmer for 4 to 24 hours.

Once it’s done, turn off heat. Remove the carcasses with a slotted spoon and strain the liquid into pint-sized glass containers like glass Tupperware, or glass jars, for later use. Place these in the fridge if you will use them soon. If you want to use them much later down the road, wait until liquid is completely cooled off, remove the congealed fat and pour some fish stock in Ziploc bags. You can place these in the freezer. Later you can thaw them out in a bowl of warm water and squeeze them out, whereas glass might crack in the freezer and that would be no bueno.

Recipe from the amazing Nourishing Traditions and The Makers Diet books.

Let me know how your fish stock turns out! If you have other variations on this recipe, comment below!

With love, and to your health!

Irina Thomason


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