Power Smoothies – 4 Easy and Nutritious Smoothies!

A lot of people these days are rushed and have no time to eat a proper meal.  It seems easier to grab a coffee and a muffin at a local coffee store, in the drive through lane, then to spend an extra 10 minutes at home making a nutritious meal.

But when you realize the cost involved maybe you will change your mind. The extra gas, the high price of coffee and sugary baked goods, it can all add up to $5, maybe even $8 if you get a fancy large latte.  The cost on your health?  You can’t really put a price on that!  Let’s just say, high caffeine and sugary rich meals wreak havoc on your body, mind and emotions, leaving you more prone to allergies, weakened, tired and out of it.  A powerful meal consists of high fat and high protein.  Coffee and baked goods have none of that, so it’s not wonder we feel tired shortly after the sugar/caffeine rush wears off.  A meal at home costs a fraction of that cost, especially healthy, nutritious smoothies.

What? you say, you don’t think it’s that easy or cheap?  I tell you, the price of organic bananas is pretty much equal to regular ones, organic milk too, berries and coconut water, all of these items go a long way.  You might spend $20 at the grocery store investing in these simple items, but you will be saving big throughout the week, and reaping the health benefits of good food!  No more mid day crashes!  No more drops in energy after lunch!  No more stomach upsets!

Let me give you 4 simple smoothie ideas!  And no, you don’t need a fancy blender for any of these.  This whole process can be very, very affordable! I use a tiny blender we bought  years ago.  This baby has paid for itself hundreds of times over by now, if not thousands!  If you want to get fancy and have the money, get a VitaMix blender.  But for these smoothies, a little blender will work just fine!!

1) Power Smoothie –  This will give you protein, fat, hydration and sustenance for the day, not to mention boost your immune system!  Perfect for busy lifestyles!  Pour in half a cup of raw milk , add one raw egg, half an avocado, a pinch of salt and blend thoroughly.  30 seconds later, voila!  If you don’t like to eat the incredible, edible egg, though I hope you will, then skip the egg and add a scoop of protein powder or whey powder.

2)  Vegetarian Smoothie – Pour in 200-250 ml of coconut water into the blender, break up a banana into smaller bits and toss in, add a tsp of pollen, a tbsp of raw honey, and half an avocado.  You have healthy fats from avocados, immune boosting pollen and raw honey, and hydrating coconut water plus bananas which are high in Potassium and help keep the body hydrated throughout the day.  Delicious, simple, and ready in 30 sec! That’s the bonus of smoothies!

3) You should invest in a great meal replacement powder,  it will provide you with complete nutrients.  I highly, highly recommend Garden of LIfe Raw Meal replacement, especially the chocolate kind.  I bought the original one a while ago and couldn’t really stomach the taste.  Chocolate meal replacement is awesome because its rich like a meal should be but lightly chocolatey so it’s like a meal and desert in one!  Here’s how I like to blend this: a cup of coconut water, two scoops of raw meal, one whole banana, a tsp of pollen, a tbsp of raw honey, and a few berries.  Blend for 30 sec or until smooth and enjoy!

4) Fun smoothie!  Great for kids – coconut water or raw milk, strawberries and raspberries, half a mango, half a banana, one kiwi, 1tbs honey and 1tsp pollen, and a little flax oil. If it’s a hot day then add a few ice cubes into the mix or opt for frozen berries or frozen banana. (You can buy bananas that are really yellow and on sale by the pounds, and go home and unwrap them, placing them in zip-loc bags and tossing them in the freezer for later use.)

Blending is fast, and liquid meals are extremely portable!  Just use a thermos, empty bottle or a clean jar and you’re off to the races! No more excuses! Please let me know if you have some good smoothie ideas in the comment section! I would love to hear what you are blending!


With love, and to your health,

Irina Thomason

 The Natural Ways

The Natural Ways


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