The Organic Raw Juice Cleanse: why you should regularly do it!

Why doing a raw, organic juice cleanse is so important :

Our bodies are bombarded everyday by toxins (The top ten are asbestos, chlorine, chloroform, dioxins, heavy metals, mold and other fungal toxins, PCBS, pesticides, phthalates, and VOCs. ) processed foods, sugar, “natural flavors”, food colors and much more.  Over time this build up starts to accumulate, and your body has a harder and harder time of fighting it off.

Disease in America is epidemic. This year 35 percent of all deaths will be due to cardiovascular disease. At least one in four deaths are from cancer. Every single day, just under 8000 people die from disease, which adds up to more American deaths annually than occurred during the entire Vietnam war. Over 4 million women are considered to be infertile. Depression, ADD, chronic fatigue syndrome, PMS and fibromyalgia affect 70 percent of American women over the age of 17. And obesity? Among Americans 20 years old and older, 145 million are overweight or obese!! The reality is that being overweight contributes to over 60 diseases. And an alarming statistic is that a significant cause of death in America is from adverse reactions to medications that were properly prescribed and taken correctly. YIKES!

So it’s not that surprising that people are becoming more attuned to their own bodies and are beginning to seek answers outside the sphere of modern medicine. Personally, I don’t have a bone to pick with doctors, or nurses. They have hard, stressful jobs and work really long hours. But I feel that because they don’t have a thorough background in nutrition they place little value on food and it’s role in health and healing.

And most people don’t even give any real thought to what they are actually eating when they are out getting some fast food or cruising the grocery isles for their fix of overly processed, denatured food devoid of most essential nutrients. A lack of nutritional education and this modern diet is wrecking havoc on our health!

We are what we eat, digest and assimilate. There’s no doubt that we should be eating better (more on that later in a follow-up article) Enjoying foods in their fresh, raw state is the best way to digest and assimilate the most nutrients possible. And that means buying organic produce (conventional produce is bombarded with pesticides, herbicides, larvicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers, and sometimes it’s not even grown in real good soil, but in wood mulch and water! What nutrients are you getting from that?? Nothing! That’s why most conventional produce doesn’t taste like much.) Aside from eating organic, fresh, raw foods, the next best thing is to juicing or blending organic, fresh, raw foods. Even the most compromised, sickly, nutrient deficient body can greatly benefit from drinking juiced and blended raw foods.

Now we are getting into the juicing part of the article, ( I had to say a little about why this is so important first! ) so thank you for sticking around.  

Here are some tips for a successful juicing experience:

1) As we said before, Organic is key when it comes to raw fresh juices that will provide optimal nutrients and will not add any more chemicals to your body. Shop for Organic produce as much as possible. 

2) A good juicer goes a long way. Our juicer is the Omega 8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, and while it is a bit pricey, it’s the best juicer investment you will make. It’s slow, cold press method extracts the most nutrients because none get ‘burnt out’ high speed. It will give you lots of juice, and the pulp will come out in a separate container, and it will be pretty dry, which means you got the most juice out of your produce! It’s also soooo easy to clean (less than 3 min) and that is great news especially if you have a busy lifestyle, have to run to work, or have kids!

3) Buy a large amount of organic produce when you are at the store so that you don’t have to go back daily! This will save you lots of time. I’ll be including my top 3 favorite juice recipes in a follow-up article, and you can use that to calculate how much produce you would probably be buying if you wanted to make these juices every day for 3-5 days, maybe even 7!  It looks like a lot of food when you are getting 10 tomatoes, 2 bunches of spinach, a bag of oranges, a bag of apples, two 5lb bags of carrots, etc… but it goes fast!! And it might seem like a lot of money at the time (my regular bill was around $70 for all Organic produce, but it is 110% worth it! When you do the math, it’s about 5$ for the best, freshest organic meal ever!! That’s actually cheap!

4) If you have to buy something that is not organic, wash it well with a fruit wash like an all natural veggie wash that you can get for a few dollars at your local Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and other health food stores. When you get home with your produce, if you have time, wash it right away with the veggie wash and rinse well, then store it in the fridge if it needs it. This will also save you lots of time later.

5) Before you begin juicing in the morning, make sure you drink at least 32 ounces of pure, alkaline water with a little lemon to flush your system and help you wake up.

6) You must consume your fresh juice immediately after extracting it!! Once the skin of your fruits or veggies is broken, oxidation begins and the food starts losing nutritional value. Since you desperately need those active, living enzymes in order to rejuvenate and repair your body, you need to heed this tip and drink your juice right after you make it.

7) A juice cleanse is composed of 4 parts – You need to drink your 32 ounces of water, followed by a 32 ounce breakfast juice, a 32 ounce lunch juice, and a 32 ounce dinner juice. If you have to juice all your juices in the morning, please keep them refrigerated until you need to drink them. This will help preserve valuable nutrients.

Now I’m going to share from my personal juicing experience. The first day that me and my husband did the cleanse we had a pretty intense headache by the end of the night. Mine was moderate, but my husbands was so bad that he had to lie down, and I gave him a short head and face massage that soothed him and he was finally able to sleep.

Why did this occur? It’s called a Herxheimer reaction, or the “die-off” effect that many people experience when they dramatically improve their diet.  It’s an allergic response to the toxic by-products that are produced when your body’s pH changes for the better. This causes large numbers of pathological organisms, like harmful bacteria and yeast organisms, to die and exit the body.  So the sum total effect of this reaction is a temporary worsening of symptoms. But in reality, this is good news! It means that you are responding positively to your treatment, and significant improvement should shortly follow. We felt 100 percent better the second day, and every day after on the juice cleanse.

We also decided to add to the juice cleanse a natural, organic meal replacement shake with protein ( because we wanted to make sure that we were getting our body’s protein needs and not becoming deficient) and we also added the eating of one raw avocado with a little lime, salt and pepper. When you are chewing food, your mouth produces certain enzymes through your saliva that are also greatly beneficial to your digestion.

We did this for 5 consecutive days, and we felt our energy level stay constant throughout the day, with no drops, and our mood was always very even, not overly hyper or excited, nor mellow and down. We felt JUST RIGHT!! Not only were those changes noticeable  but we lost a little bit of winter weight too! Our skin started to feel softer, and we started looking at food differently. We craved more healthy food and less junk food then ever before!

The organic, raw, fresh juice cleanse has not only changed our bodies and our emotions but also our mindset towards food!

I hope that has shed some light on the importance of doing a good juice cleanse at least once a year, and hopefully adding one fresh juice every day into your meal plan. Don’t overlook this powerful tool for keeping you and your loved ones healthy! Your body will thank you for it and you will not regret it!!

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Have a great day and talk to you soon!

With love,

Irina Thomason

 The Natural Ways

The Natural Ways


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